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Digital Tools for Students Research Paper Writing

Working on a research paper is not an easy task. The actual writing of a research paper is the easiest part, but the procedure that needs to follow is where the difficulty lies.

The main aim of a research paper is to add something new to the field of knowledge. There are stages that you need to follow before you start the writing process. First, you need to choose a topic and then formulate a thesis statement.

You need to do a thorough literature review of the existing knowledge even before you formulate your thesis statement. Doing a literature review enables you to avoid plagiarism; and duplication of other people’s work without acknowledging it. After this, you will develop the methodology to carry on your research and do data gathering. Once done with data gathering, you can begin to write the research paper. You should, at the end of the research paper, cite the sources used correctly.

Modern technology has come in handy to help. Doing a research paper process has been simplified by available digital tools for writing research and reliable writing services like this one: These tools for writing a research paper are:


Grammarly is one of the online tools for writing a research paper. It is a crucial online tool that helps you to edit and proofread your research paper. Grammarly helps to spell check your work and remove any errors in your document. You may use the basic version that is free to proofread your work. You can also utilize the premium one, which enables you to check plagiarism.

Cite This for Me

Cite This for Me is another tools for writing a research paper. If you have lifted your work and need it to be cited and referenced, you can use this digital tool for writing research to perform referencing and citation easier. You are required to have the ISBN of the book and the title for it to cite and reference easier using this online tool.


Todoist is one of the online tools for writing a research paper. Here, you are required to organize your materials and ideas. If you do not have a plan, your ideas might get lost. Todoist is available for you to make an organized plan, organize your research and develop an outline for your research. This online tool is available offline, free version, or you can pay for the premium to enjoy its services.


Zotero is also one of the digital tools for writing research. Zotero is used to find relevant content to what you are researching on the website you visit. It is a downloadable app you won’t miss using. The app will help you cite correctly, gather research materials online, and help share your sources with your friends. This app works on chrome and firebox.


Endnote is another online tools for writing a research paper you should try. Endnote; is an app that finds sources, arranges and saves them, develops footnotes, referencing pages, and informs you what you want to share with your friends. Endnote offers you suggestion on the appropriate materials that are suitable for you research paper.

Papers Owl

Papers Owl is one of the relevant digital tools for writing research that helps you perform any looming assignment. This app allows you to find online professionals to help you edit, proofread, and write your work quickly. Many students; are stressed with many assignments. But with this app, your stress is reduced. This app is capable of checking plagiarism, generate a title page, and create a conclusion automatically.


Writing an actual research paper is not difficult, but the procedure of writing it is where the difficulty lies. With the above digital tools for writing research, writing a research paper is simple. Read through them and utilize them when writing your research paper. It will make it easier and simple compared to when writing manually.