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The Impact of Digital Tools on Student Writing

The Impact of Digital Tools on Student Writing

Student paper writing tool software technology has changed the way we do things drastically. Teachers have realized that digital tools for students writing in science have shaped the way students do their writing in many ways. Digital tools for student writing in science have also helped teachers who teach writing in high school and middle students.

Teachers see student paper writing tool software as a facilitator to students’ creativity and expressions that expand the student’s audience for the material they write. Examples of these digital technologies include phones, site networking, laptops, and texting. These digital tools encourage students to write in many formats as compared to earlier generations.

In addition, as a learner, you can know the challenges that come with these digital tools for writing. The digital tools for writing can give teachers knowledge on educating studies on issues regarding plagiarism and fair use of resources.

Benefits of digital tools for students writing in science

Digital writing tools have various benefits to students writing performance. These are:

  • Enable students to get a wider audience

With Digital tools for student writing in science, you can get a wider audience where other people can read what you write; and share it with others. These digital tools encourage you to write even more.

  • It enables students to collaborate

Student paper writing tool software enables students to cooperate, as they can share what they have written using the writing tool.

  • It encourages students’ expressions and creativity

Digital tools for student writing in science enable you to express yourself freely and make you creative. You can use any writing style to communicate your feelings towards a particular topic.

Disadvantages of digital tools for students writing in science

  • Difficult in accessing the digital tools

Students find it digital to access digital tools and use them. Accessing these digital tools requires the internet, and some students might not access to internet easily.

  • Digital tools make students tend to write in an informal language

Many students are motivated to write text using a common language when they are informal writing. For example, when doing an assignment.

  • Time-consuming

Writing using digital tools may consume time, especially when teachers; are teaching students to write for a different audience. It takes a lot of time to learn various voices and registers.

  • Digital tools make students copy and paste

Copy and pasting make the students be lazy and not producing their original work. Copy and pasting bring the issue of plagiarism. Plagiarism may see the student punished hence failing in high school or middle school.

But why do teachers still want their students to write using a hand?

As much as using digital tools for student writing in science, there is a need to ensure that you also do some handwritten documents because many exams require you to write back your answers. Therefore, if you are not used to handwriting, it will be tricky to draft your answers.

Also, when you handwrite, you will learn how to produce correct words when it comes to spelling testing. Many students who only use digitals tools tend to make a lot of spelling errors. It is, therefore, necessary to at least scribble down something even after using digital tools.

Lastly, do your work handwritten enables you to have critical thinking. It also allows you to synthesize your work and edit them manually. Through handwritten, there is no opportunity to copy and paste your work. This mode of handwriting; makes you avoid circumstances such as plagiarism which is punishable when found to have plagiarized.


Digitals tools for student writing in science are crucial in improving the writing skills of students. It applies to those both in high school and middle students. Digital writing tools are beneficial because it gives students wider audience. It makes them express themselves and be creative and makes students have cooperated while doing writing activities. However, digital writing makes students have spelling errors, write informally, and sometimes allows students to copy-paste hence bringing plagiarism issues. To avoid this, students should utilize both handwriting and digital tools.

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