About Us

About Us

The DIGITALPAPERS system evolved from a successful academic project started in 2002 and initially developed in one of Portugal’s most representative engineering school. Its primary goal was to effectively support the scientific conferences most time-consuming and complex management tasks in one single platform using a software as a service (SaaS) model.

In 2003 the Portuguese software house SOLUCIONARIO was founded and aimed to support the development and introduction of the DIGITALPAPERS platform in broader markets. The first commercial version was officially launched in 2004, a year that also marked the occurrence of the first international conference totally supported by the DIGITALPAPERS system.

In the following years DIGITALPAPERS gained a notorious presence and importance in the Portuguese academic community and also debuted outside of the academic scope to other areas and applications.

In 2007 another breakthrough has been accomplished by integrating the first online payment interface as a module for a specific event and in order to support all its registration tasks and procedures (including accommodation and social events).

2010 can be marked as the period of maturity and consolidation of the platform since two major events has been registered: the launch of its second version, with major graphical and organization enhancements, and the support of the majority of the management tasks of one of the biggest scientific conferences ever organized in Portugal, with over 3000 registered users and more than 2000 submitted papers.

And here we are, presently introducing the DIGITALPAPERS third version evolution, a completely redesigned website, a complete set of editions, options to fully customize your system and an innovative FREE edition which can be used to support less complex and demanding events and also to fully evaluate all of our platform’s major assets and features. Give it a try!

DIGITALPAPERS brief timeline

  • 2002: initial development in an academic environment
  • 2003: SOLUCIONARIO, the supporting company was founded
  • 2004: commercial introduction of the DIGITALPAPERS system (v1)
  • 2004: first international conference organized with the system
  • 2007: online payment successfully integrated as a module
  • 2010: the second version (v2) of the system is released
  • 2010: record breaking event with over 2000 submissions
  • 2013: the DIGITALPAPERS third evolution (v3) is officially introduced
  • 2013: a new website, more editions and features (including a FREE version)