STANDARD edition

STANDARD edition

You tried our FREE edition and felt it has the right set of features but you will need additional security and support? Your event will receive more than 100 submissions and/or six months are not enough to accommodate the submission, revision and final submission stages? Your event features specific requirements that could be accomplished with a low degree of customization?

If you answered “Yes” to at least one of the previous questions then the STANDARD edition will be the perfect upgrade to your FREE edition. It will allow you to manage a small, medium or large size event (up to 2000 submissions) and benefit from added features such as limited customization, regular backups and support to the event organizers, but there is more…

Hosting and Deployment
    • You can upgrade your FREE edition online and as soon as your payment has been confirmed you get immediate access to the STANDARD edition value added features (except for your limited customization requirements, which must be requested, evaluated and estimated, prior to their deployment)
    • All the data previously available in your FREE edition (configurations, documents, etc.) will be kept after the upgrade
    • The hosting, deployment and configuration of your STANDARD edition platform upgrade will be provided without additional costs. Check the STANDARD edition Upgrade Model and Pricing for more information
    • This edition includes a 5 hour programming package which can be used to better suit the DIGITALPAPERS system to your event. This package features customization possibilities
    • You will also have the opportunity to customize the URL of your management system (for example, but this change will be subjected to the event acronym availability.
    • Also note that if your event management process should require additional customization features you must request a CUSTOM edition configuration and deployment
Submission Limits
    • The maximum number of submissions will be established in accordance to the price package of your choice. Check the STANDARD edition Upgrade Model and Pricing to find what document limits are available and what costs could be expected
Usage Period
    • The maximum usage period for each event is limited to twelve (12) months. All the contents submitted in the system will be erased after the end of this period
    • If your event requires an extended usage period you must request  a CUSTOM edition configuration and deployment

Available Languages
    • All the interfaces are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Additional translations will be added soon
Backup and Security
    • Regular data files and database backups are performed and securely hosted in our infrastructure. In the event of an incorrectly deleted file or data we can assist in the recovery process (extra costs could be applied)
    • A SSL (secure socket layer) certificate is available for all the events managed with DIGITALPAPERS, assuring a secure and encrypted communication
Registration and Payments Management
    • Control your attendants registration intentions in a single interface and allow the user to register online as a participant. An event organizer, after processing the payment, can confirm the attendant online registration. The payment methods may vary from offline payment options – such as bank transfer – and/or the ones available through PayPal
    • Our “Payments integration” feature will extended your registration management by supporting a credit card payment option with Paypal, thus providing your attendants the comfort and security of engaging all their conference related tasks (submission, revision, registration) in one single platform without external partners and avoiding data submission redundancy
Help and Support
    • In order to assist you in the management tasks a comprehensive set of documentation is available. You will find detailed helps and explanations in most of the interfaces as well as downloadable documents that you can save for later viewing
    • Full support via email is available to the event organizers
    • Extended contact options and optional support to all the users are only available as modules for the CUSTOM edition
Privacy Options
    • All the users will have the choice to authorize the treatment of their contact data
    • In case of accordance their information will only be used for purposes regarding the DIGITALPAPERS system and will not be transferred or sold. In case of non accordance all their data will be erased from the database after the end of the event management period


What do you get?

  • Customization(a 5 hour programming package is included)
  • Personalized URL
  • Regular data files and database backups
  • Full support to the event organizers
  • Extended usage period (up to 12 months)
  • Online registration and credit card payment integration (with Paypal)

Please note

  • In order to access a STANDARD edition you must first request your FREE Edition
  • After your first login in the system you can then upgrade your FREE edition at any time using the DIGITALPAPERS Control Panel.