STANDARD edition Upgrade Model and Pricing

After your FREE edition system is available, you can upgrade online at any time to the STANDARD edition and choose the document package that will better suit your event:

STANDARD 100 100 100 EUR
1,00 EUR
STANDARD 250 250 245 EUR
0,98 EUR
STANDARD 500 500 470 EUR
0,94 EUR
STANDARD 750 750 675 EUR
0,90 EUR
STANDARD 1000 1000 865 EUR
0,86 EUR
STANDARD 1500 1500 1.170 EUR
0,78 EUR
STANDARD 2000 2000 1.400 EUR
0,70 EUR
- More than 2000 CONTACT US CONTACT US
 - Extra 50 documents 100 EUR
2,00 EUR

Prices listed above don’t include any applicable taxes or fees associated with your country of residence. You may be charged taxes or fees in addition to the prices listed above. See F.A.Q. section for further details.

Don’t forget: with DIGITALPAPERS you don’t have to worry about additional setup fees and hosting costs, ever! The total price includes all the services needed to deploy, host and provide the STANDARD edition features.

Feel you may under-calculate the total amount of documents you will need to manage? Our licensing model will mostly adapt to all your requirements since you can:

    • Upgrade your FREE edition to any of the STANDARD plans above that suits your event
    • Upgrade your STANDARD edition when needed to any plan above the currently selected, so there is no need to predict or estimate the number of documents in early stages
    • Increase your document limit by a small number of documents, since a 50 documents add-on is available.

To better understand these advantages, please check some examples in the F.A.Q. section.

1) DIGITALPAPERS features a dynamic multistage approach to an event management, therefore in any specific moment you can have your documents arranged under different stages of the management process (e.g. abstract submission, abstract revision, paper submission, invalid document, etc.).

Upgrade Model in short terms

  • Start by requesting and configuring your FREE Edition
  • Benefit from ultra competitive prices to upgrade to the STANDARD Edition (from 1,40€ per managed document)
  • Upgrade your FREE Edition to any of the STANDARD plans above
  • Upgrade your STANDARD Edition when needed to any plan above the currently selected
  • Increase your limits without subscribing a bigger and expensive plan (a 50 documents add-on is available)