Main Features

Main Features

DIGITALPAPERS is a web based Conference Management System (CMS) that supports the management of any type of scientific events. It was initially introduced in 2002 and since has gained a notorious presence in the Portuguese academic community, being in continuous development since then. It has passed all of the most defying tests and is now considered perfectly adequate to a small, medium or large size event (2000 users and over).

This CMS is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS), which means it is deployed over the internet with no need for any installation. The client (i.e. the organizers of the event) is provided with a license in the terms agreed, and the application is made available as a service. The main advantages of this are:

    • The system is accessible to everyone with an Internet connection;
    • There’s no need for local server installation;
    • It has rapid scalability;
    • System maintenance (backup, updates, security, etc) are included in the service;
    • It has strong reliability.

DIGITALPAPERS performs several tasks and is available with additional services as following ( click the [+] sign to expand ):

Document management
    • Online abstract and full paper submission and editing
    • Poster handling
    • Online review and decision
    • Camera-ready paper submission
    • Presentation submission
    • Customized email communication on each important operation
    • Topics management
    • Sessions management
    • Fully customizable topics
    • Customizable banners and event specific options
    • Exportable information in CSV, XML or HTML format
    • Unlimited technical support for organizers
Users management
    • Different user roles with different permissions
    • Unlimited users for each role;
    • Delegation of specific tasks by topic or session
    • Exportable information in CSV, XML or HTML format.
Program management
    • Program schedule (web and print version)
    • Participant schedule creation (My schedule)
    • Early predictions on session attendance
    • USB pen or CD-ROM interactive proceedings
    • Digital online interactive proceedings (username and password access)
    • Book of abstracts and program guides
Online registration and payment
    • Venue information;
    • Integrated registration form (no need to refill personal information)
    • Hotels, flights or rent-a-car options in registration form
    • Online and offline payment options
    • Participant payment tracking
Event website creation
    • Creation of the event webpage
    • Customizable colors and banners
    • Website hosting and domain name register
    • Maintenance and information updates
    • Integration with DIGITALPAPERS for specific event dynamic information (topic lists, submission stages status, etc.)

NOTE: some of the options described may vary with the edition and additional services selected.

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