Application Scenarios

Application Scenarios

DIGITALPAPERS has been developed with three specific purposes in mind:

Single Event Management

DIGITALPAPERS is available in three different options for a single event management application: A limited FREE edition, an extended STANDARD edition and the ability to adapt and CUSTOMize some of its features to your event specific requirements. Check the major differences between them in the Edition Comparison section.

As soon as you request your FREE edition service you may upgrade online to benefit the advantages of the STANDARD edition.

The CUSTOM edition is only available after request. If  you consider the STANDARD edition a good starting point but pretend a more focused or personalized customization you should contact us and clearly expose your requirements so we can provide an efficient cost estimation.

Multiple Event Management

Will you be actively involved in managing and/or organizing two or more events in the near future?

We provide an important set of features and very competitive conditions to institutions and companies involved in multiple event management and organization tasks.

See our CAMPUS/ENTERPRISE edition description for more information or check and compare its features with the remaining versions available.

Scientific/Academic Publications

Are you the editor or manager of a scientific or academic journal/publication?

The flexibility of DIGITALPAPERS also allows you to effectively support all the tasks that you are currently managing by email or using an excel sheet. Do it all in a single and secure environment and involve all the actors: submit, review, ask for changes, resubmit, accept, reject and publish.

Check the features of the DIGITALPAPERS for Scientific and Academic Publications and compare it with the remaining editions available.