Scientific and Academic Publications

As an event management system, DIGITALPAPERS features the necessary set of tools to deal with the Scientific and Academic Publications submission and peer-reviewing process.

Editors, authors and reviewers can easily submit, review, ask for changes, resubmit, accept, reject and publish their articles using the DIGITALPAPERS proven management engine and also benefit from most of the distinctive features of the STANDARD edition and additional modules provided:

    • Regular data files and database backups;
    • Full support to the Journal editor/manager;
    • Customization to meet your requirements (additional development hours can be purchased)
    • Other additional features available as modules (extended support, additional contact options, etc.)

Since the set of features available for managing scientific and academic journal submissions is significantly smaller than the ones involved in an event/conference management process, you may expect competitive financial conditions.

Please contact us for additional information.

What do you get?

  • The right set of tools to manage the scientific publishing processes
  • Competitive pricing due to the limited set of features involved
  • Full support to the Journal editor/manager
  • Access to extended features (support and contact options, customization, etc.)