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A detailed comparison of the major features included and available (as modules) in the DIGITALPAPERS editions:

Covered Events / Publications Single Event Management Customizable Single Publication
Maximum Usage Period 6 months 12 months Customizable Customizable 12 months
Maximum Allowed Submissions / Documents 100 2000
(Available Plans)
Customizable Customizable Customizable
Single Document Submission Size Limit 2 MB 4 MB Customizable Customizable Customizable
Document Extensions Allowed PDF PDF, DOC, DOCX Customizable Customizable Customizable
Software Hosting (1)
Online and Offline Documentation (2)
Personalized URL    (3)    (3)        (3) (4)        (3) (4)
Secure SSL Connection (5)    (6)    (6)
Multilingual Support (8) English English
Customizable Customizable Customizable
Regular Backups (9)
Customization to Suite Your Event (10) 5h pack
(What’s included?)
Available Available Available
Support to Organizers (11)
Support to Participants (12) Available Available Available
Additional Contact Options (13) Available Available Available
Registration Management (14)
Payments integration (15)
Event Technical Management Service (16) Available Available Available
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(1) DIGITALPAPERS is only available in a SaaS (software as a service) model. The hosting, installation and configuration of the platform for your event is provided with no extra costs.
(2) In order to assist you in the management tasks a comprehensive set of documentation is available. You will find detailed helps and explanations in most of the interfaces as well as downloadable documents that you can save for later viewing.
(3) You will be able to customize the URL of your management system under the events.digitalpapers.org domain (for example, events.digitalpapers.org/myevent instead of events.digitalpapers.org/031). Note that this change will be subjected to the event acronym availability.
(4) You will be able to customize the URL of your management system under any available domain (for example, www.myeventmanagement.com). Note that this change will be subjected to the domain registration availability.
(5) A SSL (secure socket layer) certificate is available for all the events managed with DIGITALPAPERS, assuring a secure and encrypted communication.
(6) Under the digitalpapers.org domain.
(8) The FREE edition is available in English. STANDARD edition interfaces are also available in Portuguese and Spanish and will be soon available in other languages (without extra costs). Customized editions can be made available with any other languages.
(9) Regular backups are performed and securely hosted. In the event of an incorrectly deleted file or data we can assist you in the recovery process (extra costs could be applied).
(10) The STANDARD edition includes a 5 hour programming package which can be used to better suit the DIGITALPAPERS Platform to your event. Additional customization can be achieved with the remaining non-FREE editions.
(11) Full support via email is available to the event organizers.
(12) You can complement the standard support via email to the event organizers with an extended support covering all the remaining users.
(13) Additional contact options, such as an online chat and/or telephone, can be provided.
(14) Control your attendants registration intentions in a single interface and allow the user to register online as a participant. An event organizer, after processing the payment, can confirm the attendant online registration. The payment methods may vary from offline payment options – such as bank transfer – and/or the ones available on the “Payments integration” module or even from a third party external online payment interface. A set of attendance options may also be included in the registration form, such as social events, touristic visits, etc.
(15) Our “Payments integration” module will extended your registration management by supporting the most common credit card options and providing to your attendants the comfort and security of engaging all their conference related tasks (submission, revision, registration) in one single platform without external partners and avoiding data submission redundancy. In the STANDARD edition credit card payment is only available through PayPal integration.
(16) You can benefit from our broad experience regarding the technical management of several events. Initial configurations, reviewer assignments, document conformance and stage changes, session definition and conference program build are some of the tasks that can be efficiently provided by our support team.

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