CUSTOM edition

CUSTOM edition

The main difference between the STANDARD and the CUSTOM editions relay on the extended degree of customization that can be achieved with the latest.

While the STANDARD edition has been developed to properly adjust to most of the actual event management requirements our experience tell us that some events, due their size and complexity, require heavier doses of customization usually regarding new functions or interfaces and expanded submission limits and usage period.

The CUSTOM edition allows a conference chairman or manager to request and achieve virtually all kinds of changes to the DIGITALPAPERS main features and parameters in order to address all this size and complexity requirements:

Data Import

    • Import external data from local source (CSV, XLS or other format to discuss) such as an initial list of users (reviewers, authors, topic chairs, ….), topics, sessions, etc.

Interface Customization

    • Add a field or a feature to the any of the existing interfaces
    • Change some of the systems core designations such as the document states/phases, user roles or field names
    • Create additional management interfaces
    • Include additional document states/phases in your event’s management processes (for organizational purposes only)
    • Add extra management roles with specific tasks assigned

Submission Limits

    • Choose the limit that better suits your event (up to unlimited documents to manage)

Document Size and Extensions

    • Pick the appropriate file extensions for your event
    • Set the allowed size limit for your document submissions

Usage Period

    • Define the maximum usage period for your event (up to unlimited duration)
    • All the contents submitted in the system will be erased after the end of the usage period but these can be grouped and delivered to the organizers in a digital format

Help and Support

    • You can complement the standard support via email to the event organizers with an extended support covering all the remaining users
    • Extended contact options, such as an online chat and/or telephone, can also be provided

Registration and Payments Management

    • Control your attendants registration intentions in a single interface and allow the user to register online as a participant. An event organizer, after processing the payment, can confirm the attendant online registration. The payment methods may vary from offline payment options – such as bank transfer – and/or the ones available on the “Payments integration” module or even from a third party external online payment interface
    • A set of attendance options may also be included in the registration form, such as social events, touristic visits, etc.
    • Our “Payments integration” module will extended your registration management by supporting the most common credit card options and providing to your attendants the comfort and security of engaging all their conference related tasks (submission, revision, registration) in one single platform without external partners and avoiding data submission redundancy

Technical Management Service

    • You can benefit from our broad experience regarding the technical management of several events. Initial configurations, reviewer assignments, document conformance and stage changes, session definition and conference program build are some of the tasks that can be efficiently provided by our support team. Contact us for more information

What do you get?

  • You can address all size and complexity requirements of your event
  • Extend the interfaces with more complex fields
  • Create additional interfaces
  • Customize many other features (acceptable file extensions, upload file size, etc.)
  • Define your submission limits (up to unlimited documents to manage)
  • Configure the usage period that better suits your event
  • Access to extended support and contact options
  • Enable online registration and credit card payments

Please note

  • In order to access a CUSTOM edition you must previously provide us a very precise description of your requirements
  • All the requested customization involved will be subject to previous analysis and estimation. No modification will be made without your clear consent