The CAMPUS/ENTERPRISE edition provides access to the DIGITALPAPERS platform under very special conditions. It is the most suitable solution for:

    • Academic environments (departments, research units, etc.)
    • Travel agencies
    • Event management companies
    • Other companies or institutions who pretend to organize and manage two or more events in a specific period of time

Whether you represent an academic institution hosting several events in a year or a travel agency specialized in providing services for conferences who desires to expand their offer, we can adjust this agreement according to your expectations.

Here are some of the advantages of the CAMPUS/ENTERPRISE edition:

    • Be able to manage from two to several events simultaneously and/or during a limited period of time
    • Deploy every new event management platform in a few simple steps
    • A much more competitive price (vs a single event management approach)
    • Most of the distinctive features present in the STANDARD edition (such as regular backups, support to the event organizers, etc.) are included
    • Your base platform can also be fully customized to your requirements (additional development hours can be purchased)
    • Adjust the agreement limits to a maximum number of events managed or to a maximum number of documents submitted
    • Access to the latest DIGITALPAPERS developments and upgrades, while the agreement lasts (only when a new event deployment is solicited)
    • Access to modules in a per-event basis (for example, contract the support to all the users for a single event, enable online registration and payments for a couple of events, etc.)

Please contact us for further information or quotations (and don’t forget to mention the maximum number of events you expect to manage and/or the maximum acceptable number of documents submitted in a year)

What do you get?

  • Multiple events management
  • Competitive pricing
  • Access to STANDARD edition distinctive features
  • Ability to fully customize your base platform - access to extended customization features
  • Always up to date - access to the latest developments and upgrades
  • Flexibility - regarding limits and access to optional modules
  • Suitable for long term subscriptions